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Mistletoe Meme

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Mistletoe Meme

No matter where you are or what you were doing, you suddenly find yourself caught under the mistletoe (yes, even in places where it doesn't make sense) with someone else. No matter your feelings on the matter, neither of you can move from this spot until you kiss!

Taking a berry off the plant afterwards is traditional but not required. (What would you even do with that thing, anyway?)

Alternatively: the moment you pass under the mistletoe, your character is struck with the sudden urge to kiss the next person you see. And that won't be awkward at all, I'm sure.

How to:
- Post with your character!
- Someone replies!
- Specify whether you are going for option 1 (trapped until they kiss) or option 2 (suddenly wanting to kiss someone, anyone)
- Profit!

(Copied from last year’s mistletoe meme.)
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[Your one stop shopping for egg nog mix knowledge.]
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[As if option two isn't permanently in effect for this boy, anyway....]
innocent_blue: (oqo)

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[Lol, bet you never saw this coming! >_> It started out as a hug, but now they're trapped under the mistletoe.]


[Confused Mizuno is a go.]

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[And then no work was completed that day..]
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[If you're into sad teenagers.]
deadlydelicacy: (a glance into the now)

(feel free to avoid her grab if you like.)

[personal profile] deadlydelicacy 2013-12-26 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
[Bianchi is so not into shy teenage boys. But she doesn't mind bowling them over when it suits her, or embarrassing them, or harassing them. Or really even just scaring the pants off of them. Therefore he might not have even seen her when her hand snakes out and she tugs him close pressing her lips to his in what is more than a friendly kiss. These things must be done correctly, after all.]
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[Or maybe pompadours are more appealing?]
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A-ah... Oowada-kun...? I ... can't move....

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*Or an immortal son of Dracula?*

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[It's just another visit to Yesterday's Magic, and idle discussion of the next mission. Really, he couldn't flirt ALL the time, now could he?]

Is that really the time? ...A pity. Though my desire is to remain here and keep you company, I'm scheduled for several hours in the clinic.

We could always reconvene later, of course.

[A tip of his head, and he turned. But his feet weren't cooperating, locked in place. After a brief, undignified pinwheeling of his arms, he grabs a nearby rack of ties for balance and looks, for the moment, disturbed.]

I... hm.

[But his expression turns playful.]

Dearest, really- you don't need to apply adhesive to the floor to keep me here!

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[Is it really a good idea to kiss a pirate hunter?]
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[Bianchi, on the other hand, is from a much more hands on culture. So when the mistletoe catches her so that she can't move any farther along her path, she pauses, now more accustomed to the problem and finds the other person connected to the mistletoe. With a few simple steps she gives the pirate hunter an amused look.] Pardon me, I have a few things yet to accomplish. [Not everyone takes their kisses as lightly as she, so she lets her eyes drift up to the mistletoe in explanation.]
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[yeah, good luck with him]
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[YAAAAY kisses!]
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[You ready to be punched? Sure you are.]
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[These two might bump into each other a little bit as Mondo's attempting to pass through. Asuka will get a mumbled 'sorry' out of him for it, but he doesn't think much of it.

Until he can't move past her, anyway.]

What the fuck?
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... You can't move by this either, can you Asuka?

[ Yeah, Chika's kinda valiantly trying to jump outside of the sphere of influence of the mistletoe, but it's not really working out too well. Like, she can move after she walks about a little bit.

She sees the mistletoe but she's going to go ahead and ignore that for the moment because... reasons. There had to be some way out of this trap thing. ]
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[You will likely get tears here.]
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Have a confused Shinji as he tries to walk past you and somehow miserably fails]

What the-...?
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(Let's face it she's not shy and she's not going to get stuck under the mistletoe all day so it probably doesn't matter who you are she'll lay a kiss on you. She looks up at it, thoughtfully then reaches out and pulls the closest person in by the shirt collar.)
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[Wolf kisses anyone?]

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[ why would you ]
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{Careful, her partner and boyfriend can be a liiiiittle protective…}