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Mistletoe Meme

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Mistletoe Meme

No matter where you are or what you were doing, you suddenly find yourself caught under the mistletoe (yes, even in places where it doesn't make sense) with someone else. No matter your feelings on the matter, neither of you can move from this spot until you kiss!

Taking a berry off the plant afterwards is traditional but not required. (What would you even do with that thing, anyway?)

Alternatively: the moment you pass under the mistletoe, your character is struck with the sudden urge to kiss the next person you see. And that won't be awkward at all, I'm sure.

How to:
- Post with your character!
- Someone replies!
- Specify whether you are going for option 1 (trapped until they kiss) or option 2 (suddenly wanting to kiss someone, anyone)
- Profit!

(Copied from last year’s mistletoe meme.)

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