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It seemed appropriate to post this on a weekend again

Soul Campaign Anon Kink Meme


Anons make their requests with their characters of choice and a prompt
Anons reply with a small drabble (anons don't have to write only for their own characters) Alternatively, characters can thread the scene out.
Characters/muns can react for lulz
THIS IS NOT ONLY A KINK MEME about pairings and smut. You can request ANYTHING! Spirit and Maka sharing a sundae? Sure, why not! Make it cracky, make it downright sappy, dramatic or funny. Anything goes! Please do label anything that's NSFW.
Try to make sure to fill other people's requests and spread the love around! HAVE FUN/PROFIT/MEET NEW FRIENDS.

[Last meme here for reference.]

(Anonymous) 2013-04-13 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
Stein/The Condesce, Baking

(Anonymous) 2013-04-13 06:45 am (UTC)(link)
Cupid and Jack, something involving ice cubes!

(Anonymous) 2013-04-15 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
The heatwave wouldn't have been so bad if the power hadn't gone with it. In some bizarre, unholy confluence, the heat had shorted out some of the equipment at the power plant, which had blacked out most of the city and only made it hotter-- which in turn had caused more heat damage to the equipment.

Dangling halfway off of Jack's couch, Cupid wondered why no one else had thought to come up to the Winter Spirit's apartment to try and stave off the heat for a little longer, though to be honest, she was glad they hadn't. Too many bodies in here at once might have just sapped the cold out of the place that much faster. Beside her, Jack isn't looking too much worse for the wear just yet- but she's not sure how long that's going to last, considering that without the power, there's also no television, and going outside at the moment isn't really much of an option for him. A time for preventative measures if she'd ever seen one, to be certain. So she rolled off the couch and bent to retrieve her sandals and purse before making her way toward the door.

"Back in a bit!"

That girl, Jack decides, is way too weird for him to try and deal with just then, and so he flops across the entirety of the couch now that she's gone, wondering how good of an idea it would be to toss off his shirt.

He doesn't even notice when he falls asleep, but he does notice when he jerks awake to someone dumping what feels like the contents of an ice tray across his chest (his shirt, he decides, he must have taken off in a half-aware state during his impromptu nap). Above him, Cupid waves cheerfully, holding the now-empty bag of ice; to her credit though, she at least bends to start scooping them all back into the bag, dropping it into his lap when he sits up.

"What's this for?"

"So we can finish filling the tub- duh?"

He's not sure if he's more confused by the fact that she tosses in that 'duh' like he should know better, or by the fact that she's mentioning the bathtub and a bag of ice in the same sentence.


"Oh just get up and come see."

So get up he does, though he's not entirely sure this isn't a dream at the moment, and follows her to the bathroom. Somehow in the time between her leaving and his waking back up, she'd filled the tub up with ice, and while it's melting a bit, it's doing so at a significantly slower pace than it normally would.

"O...kay. And what's this for?"

"For you to relax in, of course. Go on, get in."

"In my clothes? And you're not pitching a fit about it? Alright, who are you and what have you done with Cupid?"

She rolls her eyes and gives him a light shove toward the tub, putting a hand on her hip and making a shooing motion with the other.

"I'll allow it- but just this once."

He stares at her for a second, not entirely sure why she'd go through the trouble, and then remembers that it's Cupid- and she'd go through the trouble for any of her friends if they were having a similar issue. So he smirks and raises his eyebrows at her, keeping his gaze firmly on her face.

"What, not joining me?"

Her reaction is worth the effort it takes not to laugh, blood rising and flushing her pale cheeks pink. To her credit though, she manages to turn the strangled noise she makes into a halfway-passable scoff, flipping her hair in a mockery of haughtiness. She waves over her shoulder and turns to leave-

"You wish. Go on, keep your cool Frost. I'll be reading if you need me."

-and she should have known better, because he pulls her into the tub with him the second her guard is down.

I could not resist the shipping

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"...have you been reading the Cosmos again?"

From the vicinity of her bellybutton, Jack looks up guiltily and she laughs- not exactly at him- and tugs the ice cube out of his hand and pops it into her mouth, crunching down on it with almost unsettling force.

"First off," she begins, tugging him back up, and stealing a kiss, her lipstick leaving a faint, almost heart-shaped mark where his pulse would be. "Our body temperatures are already different enough that those are completely unnecessary."

The fingers of one of her hands slip between his while the other settles at his side, toying with the hem of his shirt, occasionally brushing against the skin just beneath it with fingertips or carefully-applied claws. His free hand has slipped away from her stomach, holding him up, and if he could still blush at the moment, he would. Instead he rolls his eyes a little at her and leans down, following the line of her jaw briefly with his own lips and grumbles-

"And second?"

Her hand skims up his side and to his shoulder, pulling him back so he can see the smug tilt to her mouth and the way her eyelids slip a little lower as her hand comes around to tilt his head to one side.

"And second," she says with a quick, idle nip at his lower lip, "Cosmo is run by amateurs."

"Amateurs? Compared to who-?"

Her eyebrows rise briefly, as if daring him to really go through with finishing that question, and the slight tilt to her lips becomes an out and out smirk.

"Mmhmm...! So. How about some real advice, sweetie?"

"Uh..." He gulps, not sure, all of a sudden, how smart it was to think he could handle this. Especially with her. "Well... maybe?"

"Well, it's pretty basic advice... but if you're scared or something..."

"Just spit it out already."

She giggles, and the change in her expression lessens his worry immediately. No matter what, she was still the same giggly girl he'd taken out for cupcakes when she'd arrived. She lets go of his hand to push herself up on her elbow, sitting up a little and settling her forehead against his.

"Okay. It's simple- shut up, stop worrying, and kiss me."

He stares at her, expecting her to continue, and frowns slightly when she doesn't.

"That's it?"

"That's it," she reassures, the laughter still in her voice, and finally, he shakes his head and smiles back.

"You're the expert."

So kiss her he does.
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oh my goddd

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yako and sasha, cheating

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Any characters, playing dress up or switching clothes

totes the most anonymous

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Ramza and Aranea- quadrants