Feb. 8th, 2013

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The Mysterious Chocolate Meme!

Some of you may remember what happened on February 14th-15th in-game... well, it's back in meme form! Someone has decided to be generous and leave boxes of chocolate at every doorstep in Death City, one per occupant.
But there's no tag! Who the heck left this here?

Rumor has it that the gift-giver's legend begins in the 12th century.

Those that choose to eat them start feeling a little... funny, and the effects will vary depending on which one was eaten...

Chocolate types and effects under the cut! )

The How-To:

-Post with your character.
-Specify which chocolates your character's eaten and what effect they're hit with!
-Others comment to your thread, either normal or affected by chocolate as well!
-Play out the hideousness! Or cuteness. That can happen, too.
-Post around; you know everyone wants a hug.

*Meme borrowed with love from the in-game event post. Happy (early) Valentine's Day, Soul Campaign!


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