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Soul Campaign AU Meme

How to,
1. Choose whether your character is a Meister or a Weapon and copy and paste the appropriate form.
2. Fill out the form and post it using your character.
3. Someone else will tag your character, choosing a designation and a scenario. Or you can roll a number between 1 and 4. This will be your scenario.
4. Free free to get creative with things and have fun.

Naturally, any characters are welcome, be they old characters, new characters or characters that would have been unappable in the game for any reason. Just toss them all in!

Soul Campaign AU Meme

1. Emergency Resonation: It's do or die time. No, seriously, resonate or you're going to be killed by a Kishin Egg.

2. Throw Yourself Down The Stairs: Who told you this was a good idea to learn how to transform into your Weapon form?

3. Morning Training: Are you here to actually get some training done? Or are you just here to complain about the food?

4. Established Partner Things: The paint on your just-partnered up sign is still damp, but it's time to celebrate the fact that they agreed and finally you can be a contributing member of Death City.

5. I'm Going to California: It's not Soul Campaign without Excalibur. Tag here if you want to be tagged by Excalibur. If you tag it you are agreeing to having your inbox spammed.

For Meisters, please pick a Meister Ability from here or make one up, that's perfectly okay, too. (This is just a meme, after all.) Then fill out the following:

For Weapons, note that Weapon forms cannot split into two parts but other than that, go wild.
Please fill out the following:
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Excalibur Me!

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[Here be the legendary Weapon Excalibur. Those who do not wish for their inbox to be spammed by random inane things turn back now.

Those who do wish to tag this thread: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, FOOL.]
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