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tldr meme

tl;dr relationship meme

post a comment for your character!
respond to other peoples comments with your character(s).
they then tell you (in detail!) what their character thinks of yours.
these explanations can be ic or ooc, and tl;dr is highly encouraged!
this is, as a note, super helpful if you've been meaning to update that
CR chart of yours but haven't written anything yet.
your character can react to the tl;dr if they want to.
other people do the same for you.
profit!!!!! (aka have a lot of fun)

shamelessly taken from [community profile] rubycity_rp
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So! Sakura!

Like most people that know Team 7, Neji finds Sakura to be the most dependable, responsible, and sane person among them. She's actually a person he knows he can entrust with a lot of things if he had to- either related to work, medical, or professional. It's probably because she's a medic from their world, because he feels most at ease around her, doesn't have to suppress an intrinsic knee-jerk reaction he's experienced with Death City's other healer types.

He knows she's never shied away from work, and can handle anything the Watch might throw at her, appreciates greatly that she's pulling double shifts with Sasuke and Naruto, in addition to her work at the clinic and missions. She's about as busy as he is, and he has great respect for that! Work needs to get done around here guys.

Personally, he doesn't know her all that well, but if he had to choose someone to talk to about something of that sort, it would probably be her. He knows she'll listen, probably not poke fun too much, and with a better understanding of people, likely provide a better answer he could come up with himself, or get from the few others he might go to.

Um that's all I can think of right now. HAPPY TL;DR.
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Hyuuga Neji | Dem ninjas

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uchiha sasuke | fighting dreamers

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god why
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Yes why you do this to me. PREPARE YOURSELF...


Starting out, Neji obviously had no love for Sasuke. He was an enemy, he didn't trust him, but there was this strange, forced truce between the shinobi at the time that he adhered to. Down to Sasuke's stupid hair, he didn't like him, but tried not to make too much of a fuss about it. He's a professional, he knows how to handle personal issues.

At the time, he had a number of reasons for his strong dislike. Sasuke was Uchiha for one, as though Neji was young the time the massacre happened, he was raised Hyuuga, and was established as a genius at the time, and well, I headcanon Hyuuga and Uchiha were political rivals of sorts that had a hard time standing within 10 feet of each other. And that bled over from the adults until Neji had developed his own little complex about beating out the Uchiha when he grew up.

Then the massacre happened, and Uchiha Sasuke was basically the only Uchiha left, and by the time the Chuunin exams rolled around and Sasuke was lauded to be the new #1 rookie, well Neji took issue with that. He was sorely disappointed he didn't get a chance to smash his face in during the exams and show everyone Hyuuga > Uchiha.

Then Sasuke defected as Neji was sorting out his new worldview, and while he still held no love for him, he was drafted for the mission to retrieve him and entrusted Sasuke's return to Naruto. He almost died, and Sasuke got a bit more of a black mark for almost killing Naruto.

There was also a part of him, a small part still touched by bitterness, that hated Sasuke for just being able to up and leave like that, but he'd never admit to that in a thousand lifetimes.

SO ANYWAY he'd mostly forgotten about all of that until he met Sasuke in Death City. He had some hope for younger!Sasuke as he was with Naruto, but when he 'grew up', from what he could see, Sasuke was a complete dick to basically everyone and resumed his silent dislike of him.

So they obviously didn't get along for basically forever and it was fantastic.

BUT THEN they had to team up during that invasion, and Sasuke had to go and put himself at risk in an attempt to save him. In addition to that, Neji managed to resonate shortly with Itachi in captivity to better assess their surroundings, leading him to believe that Uchiha possibly aren't all complete dicks.

Then Neji murders some people he later discovers were innocents, and almost kills people he loves, and suddenly, he's not sure he's better than anyone else. Sasuke disappears and Neji has a long time to reflect over both Sasuke's actions and his own, and when Saralegui returns to the city, he decides that he should try to help him, as a return favor to Sasuke for trying to save him, taking care of Lain, and leading the rescue team thing.

So yes, he begins to think better of Sasuke in his absence, and in the absence of everyone else from their world except for Lee, begins to feel isolated and even miss them. Not Sasuke personally, but. yeah.

Then they finally come back like half a year later and Neji's leader of the Watch and he has to be really careful about his personal relations. He's grateful Team 7 joins, has decided he's going to give Sasuke a new slate to start on.

Then Neji goes home and dies. To his great surprise it's Sasuke that picks him up off the floor, and carries him to get help, and that's Neji's first real, personal impression of him. After that, Sasuke is firmly in ally status, and though he's never sure they'll be friends, he holds no more ill will toward him, and only hopes that they can learn to better work together in the future. He's actively working on getting Lee to come around about him.

So he leaves him a gift with great sentimental value to thank him, and hopes that's proof of his sincerity.

Saving him, along with Naruto and Sakura however, was Neji's first active display of that trust and bond. He did it for Sasuke just as much as the other two, and he hopes Sasuke Gets That at some point, if he hasn't already. Hanging out with them a bit has led him to believe that possibly, there's a slight chance for a tenuous friendship there.
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naruturd uzudorky | why is everyone on here ninjas

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cuz ninjas

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Naruto.. was a loser, but he became one of Neji's guideposts to live.

From the time Naruto won their match, he'd also gained Neji's respect and faith. He entrusted a future he'd never even considered before then into Naruto's hands, because he believed himself too powerless to achieve it himself. Naruto had spirit and drive enough to do anything, and he admired that about him until he adopted that kind of attitude for himself.

Because he wasn't powerless. He'd only ever been unable to see past the bars of his own cage, but Naruto opened his eyes to the fact that he wasn't limited or bound by the restrictions someone else put on him. He'd break through them, because people believed in him, they believed he was a genius, and he drew a lot of his drive from that.

If Naruto could overcome the odds, then there was no reason he couldn't, and instead of railing against the destiny set to him his whole life, beating it until someone beat him back down, he got back up and threw himself forward with the unrelenting drive and determination to succeed.

Even during the years Naruto was gone, Neji never forgot that, and with his team that he was starting to get along with better, they flew through the exams and he accepted a promotion to Jounin so that when he returned, Naruto could see that he hadn't given up.

Even Naruto had become a hero to the village, and without trying, was keeping Neji's own dream alive.

Then the war came and when it came down to it, he was just as willing to die for Naruto as he was Hinata. Naruto was hope, and that what he continues to be, because once again, he's entrusted his dreams to him. This time, he has to be the one that carries on and keeps all hope alive.
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Near | c-c-combo breaker

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[It's a tl;dr meme, how could I not?]
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Naoto Shirogane ⊗ Purse owners 4

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Lezard doesn't know her, so this makes things easy!

Kanji feels like they've been friends for ages, even if they only met a year previous. But she is intimidating as hell, even now at times, when she's in her professional mode, but doesn't feel driven away by it. Sometimes he wonders if maybe he's too dumb for her, but he doesn't think too long on it, knowing that if she didn't like him she's direct enough that she'd break it off on the grounds of incompatiblity.

Kanji loves the hell out of Naoto. She means the world to him and she is his best friend. Though they do keep a divide between their demeanor in public and how they act around each other (or do together) in private, he wonders if maybe he should blur the lines a little and be more openly affectionate or more playful with her. They should totally do a bit of dress-up and see how that works out, wiggling their way out of their comfort zones.

As for the end of it all, he hopes the memories to some extent will linger. Though he's done plenty of things in Death City and the world around it he'd like to forget - Madness, of course being one part - there are too many memories he'd like to keep from here, both from friends and of her. He's considering wondering if BREW can accept any other wishes...
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She... wouldn't mind trying something new. A little PDA... like their pinkies holding. (Shush, that's a BIG thing off the clock)

Yes, dress up. She wants to see him in various suits.
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Amaterasu ☼ Okami

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[Tl;dr you say? Ammy wants to hear it!]
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Kanji is actually mildly intimidated by Amaterasu upon finding out she's the freaking sun goddess. But it doesn't impede him, really. He takes care around her, but he really can't resist petting her because she's so big and fluffy and THERE IS NO SAYING NO TO THE PETS. He thinks she's really kind, kind of silly, and definitely has caught her trolling Lily involving the flower beds. But does he shoo her off the flowers? Nah. They're the best place to sleep in!

He's immensely happy to see her around, and hopes she stays until the end. Her Calming Wavelength is a huge boon, but he gets the feeling she doesn't even have it on most of the time. She just... mellows you out. That, and she's cute.

Lezard finds her intriguing, if something of a nuisance. She's playful but serious when the time calls for it, and he's definitely noticed her dealings in pushing him in Lily's direction. Grateful though he is, he's not entirely sure what to make of her. She is a superb pair of ears to speak to, but he has to wonder - remember, the man is jaded and lived in a norse mythological world - why on earth this god even cares the slightest for mortals.
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[personal profile] motherofthesun 2014-03-25 05:56 am (UTC)(link)
Oh Kanji, no need to be scared.

And yes Lezard, be afraid. She has all the reasons to meddle in the affairs of man. Good reasons or seeing the play out of intentions.
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Rosalia Rossellini | Trauma Team

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[She'll be happy again eventually, but what do people think about her?]
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Double entry!

Kanji, in light of recent discoveries, finds Rosalia to be either reckless or really freaking strong for having such a horrible burden weighing her down, while still being as upbeat and sweet as she has. Rosie's a great friend and he doesn't think she passed the disease on purpose - it just doesn't work that way - and he's actually waiting in the wings for any signs of someone demanding answers from her on what happened. Yeah, he's willing to punch a bitch if they so much as give her a stink-eye. He's honestly grateful he didn't get sick, but who wouldn't be? Still, he hopes she comes back to helping him with breakfast soon because her demeanor really rubs off and he just has -fun- whipping up new specials and such.

He'd say she was the sister he never had. Really. So he wishes she'd come back out and not beat herself up so much over what happened. That, and he hopes Lezard busts his ass coming up with that cure, or some kind of treatment that'd help.

Lezard, simply put, feels a little protective of her for other reasons. She houses something fascinating within her, and he aims to make use of it somehow. Collecting samples and being friendly toward her means he can have as much of the virus as he wants. He thinks the witches will greatly enjoy this new tool in getting the information he needs to progress in the world.

What? He's a villain.
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She trusts Mr. Lezard will do it.

Lezard, she's gonna be put in a tight spot. Noooo...
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Miles Edgeworth | Ace Attorney

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[It's dangerous to let me near these memes honestly.]
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Oh boy, Edgeworth...

To be honest, while she admires Edgeworth for his well put together attire, just overall past experience with older males made her apprehensive talking to him openly. Yes, he hired her as an Agent, but that was because of her previous self. And while being unsure how to address her was an issue before, learning how her previous self was from before that time helped (feel free to use her, she, and so on, sir).

Working together, their relationship has improved. Edgeworth having some humility helps. She doesn't need to work under any pompous males just assigning her some random busy work or firing her once work is done. Again, these two don't interact too much outside of the office and they should. Outside of the office, though, she wishes Kanji would stop messing around with Edgeworth; it just doesn't reflect well.

Still, the fact that Naoto revealed what she did on the Ski trip is a good sign. Of course, coming down to the endgame, more people will have to know about Adachi, but Edgeworth learned about the puppetmaster. She trusts him to keep this information confidential.

Super not TL;DR-ed, but hey, that's the status.
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EDGEWORTH IS POMPOUS but I suppose he's only at his most pompous when he's in court. And he's good at keeping info confidential...unless it's material to a case HELLO EDGEWORTH PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL THINGS HELLOOOOO
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And this is why Edgeworth is a prosecutor and not a doctor.
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Kaworu Nagisa (Tabris) || Deep and overly complicated anime

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He loves you all, he loves Shinji, you are all fascinating, he loves Shinji more though, he may love Allen too, but there is Shinji, also kittens, and Shinji, and wow such humans much amaze wow, but more Shinji pls
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Shinji's feelings towards Kaworu are probably best described as a smoothed-over mess.

Of course, their initial time spent together had been almost too good to be true, very short but obviously very powerful. Enough so that when it had come time to stop Kaworu from initiating third impact, Shinji hesitates and stalls once he has Kaworu in his all too literal grip. Enough so that, even after the massive betrayal he suffered from Kaworu, he can still muster up the will to admit that he had loved Kaworu, and that the Angel had been the one who deserved to live.

Flash-forward to Death City, though! Wow. Besides having had Chika as a tour guide, Kaworu had been the first other guest Shinji had encountered, and what a wonderful thing that was for him. It led to apologies, resolutions to hurt feelings, and kept Shinji from completely self-destructing in his apartment. While a lot of underlying hurt and trust issues from the stunt he had pulled in Terminal Dogma are still present, they have mostly healed from his time spent with Kaworu in city, and exist only buried under a myriad of gentle thoughts and happy memories.

Shinji holds a great deal of love for Kaworu, more than he could ever have imagined he'd feel. Kaworu gives him hope. Hope that he could actually do some good, that he could be valuable to someone, that his time spent here won't be meaningless. Kaworu's love in return is a big part of what keeps Shinji going.

Kaworu has largely been a source of constant comfort for Shinji. Just knowing he's around makes it that much easier for Shinji to feel at ease, and makes it easier for him to accept the laws of this world and fight for it. Being around him brings him joy, and getting to spend time with him that isn't limited and ultimately tragic is more than he could have ever asked for.

Of course, there have been times where Kaworu's importance to Shinji has caused the boy to worry and feel troubled, namely any time Kaworu is hurt, or put in a situation of danger. If he knows that Kaworu has gone out on a mission or something of that sort, most of his time is spent fretting until he knows that Kaworu has returned safe and sound. That brief time spent at the hospital was enough to bring Shinji to panic. Kaworu's safety is a priority, and knowing he could be easily hurt is almost devastating, for as far as Shinji knows, there's nothing for Kaworu to return to after his time spent in this world. He wants to make that time as pleasant as possible, and keep the one he loves safe.

Kaworu is everything Shinji could have ever dreamed for in a companion (just... as long as you forget the whole 'nature to destroy humanity thing, anyway), and he truly feels blessed to have somehow earned his adoration. He loves Kaworu, and is grateful to be loved in return.

Basically all I'm saying is that these two need to smooch at some point _( :3 」∠)_
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Shinji Ikari | Clinical Depression: The Anime

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[Because self-destructive behaviors and ridiculous complexes are totally conducive to forming relationships with people.]
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Re: Shinji Ikari | Clinical Depression: The Anime

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Kaworu loves Shinji. He loves Shinji like no one has ever loved someone, probably. I can’t tell you what kind of love Kaworu has for Shinji because that sort of love really has no proper definition and it’s not bounded by definitions; romantic, friendship, family, sympathy, pity, enjoyment, care, fun… it’s none of those because those would NEVER be enough to describe the sort of love Kaworu has for Shinji and they don’t really fit the kind of love Kaworu does, either. He isn’t “in love”, he just loves. The best way to describe this love is to call it “Love”. It’s its own definition.

It can hardly be considered the human kind of love, though love isn’t exclusive to humans. The love Kaworu feels for Shinji has no limits and therefore, no definition to hold it; it’s unconditional and it’s not difficult at all. It’s not hard for Kaworu to love Shinji; it comes like the most natural of things to him, much more natural than his awareness of being an Angel and seeing things the way angels do, more natural than being alive and dying. It’s the most natural thing to him, and probably the most wonderful thing has ever felt.

This love has no weight and no measure. He can never possibly say he loves Shinji more than he loves Allen and more than he loves the Lilin (as a whole). It’s impossible to weight something that is limitless. Just like it’s impossible to compare, and thus, he cannot compare his love for Shinji with his love for Allen or the Lilin. The thing is, kaworu doesn’t understand how overwhelming it might be for Shinji to be loved this much. His feelings exist regardless of what Shinji feels. He doesn’t want nor asks for reciprocation, and he sure doesn’t think he might be important enough to have any of it.

I’m gonna copy paste this from my app:
“When he told the boy he loved him, he didn’t even think of how that would affect Shinji; it was something he felt and he didn’t think of the consequences it could bring for someone who was desperately in need for love like Shinji was. Asking for the one he loved to kill him wasn’t an issue either; Tabris didn’t think of the emotional stress that would bring the human boy and didn’t even seem to realize how much pain Shinji was feeling by finding out Kaworu had betrayed him. The half-angel was so set on saving Shinji, showing his love for him and making sure he would live, that he went through with all of it without even allowing Shinji to understand what was going on and putting him in the worst position one could ever imagine. All Kaworu saw was his own perspective on how he loved Shinji and expressed himself regarding that, not expecting anything else from it and not even realizing he could have something more. He most likely doesn’t know there is such thing as more; he is drawn to Shinji regardless of what Shinji feels.”

It’s still like that, even in SC. Kaworu jumped into the war simply because he has to protect Shinji, keep him safe - and nothing else matters. Not even himself. Shinji will always take precedence over nearly everything Kaworu does that might affect him. Enough for Kaworu to consume what he sees as Lilin souls, even though he really hates it, feels incredibly conflicted and disgusted. His life in SC is basically about that, about that person. And he is incredibly glad that Shinji allows him close, even though so much happened. he is glad to be close to Shinji and he finds immense happiness with the smallest things if Shinji is there.

However, Kaworu knows he is a replacement. In my headcanon is that Kaworu also had a Kaworuquarium, like Rei did; clones that would replace Kaworu in case he died too early and that are part of the Dummy System (somehow. They never explained how, in canon). So the whole "being replaced" thing is not actually something that bothers him. At the same time, he also knows about the timeloops he is meant to live, so again, another Kaworu before him is not strange, does not upset him and honestly he does not think much of it. It does, however, keep his mind in that one track of "I can be replaced". And this is fine to him, while it probably angers a lot of people and Shinji probably would not like to hear it. He also doesn't mind if people look at him like he is the past Kaworu, who just forgot; it's something he expects and it's something that he does not fight. But at the same time, it's difficult: because past!kaworu lived a lot more and knows a lot more than this Kaworu knows and has lived, and he feels that he is expected to give something to Shinji, that he doesn't know what it is because he never lived it. and we all know how Kaworu is about Shinji and God forbid if Kaworu doesn't make Shinji the happiest kid in town

SO ANYWAY. Shinji is the reason why Kaworu came to love Lilin, and for it he is very grateful to Shinji. It’s hard to understand why, but it’s related to the fact that Shinji, even in so much pain and suffering was still there, living. The hopes in the human’s hearts, while told him by SEELE that was to be erased in order to end their pain (in an attempt to trick Kaworu into fusing with Lilith at the Central Dogma, as well as destroying Nerv’s headquarters and hurry the Third Impact), are nothing like that. The hope is to live and find a place as they are in this world. Is to find love, to be loved, to be happy and because they hold on to this hope, they keep living and searching. Looking at Shinji, kaworu realized Shinji still hoped to find something, even if he was hurt – because his hand was still there, his heart was still there.

He didn’t need to be fixed. He, as he was, could do anything he wanted. He simply needed to see it, just like Kaworu saw it. And Shinji is perfect, with all of those flaws and all of those insecurities. He, simply for existing, is the reason why he is worth of being alive and loved. And because he came to love Shinji, he ended up loving every part of him; Lilin are a part of Shinji and thus, he loves them too.
From Shinji, he saw the Lilin. And he is very glad to Shinji for that.
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Kyoko Sakura | Meduka Meguca

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[we your friends Meduka!]
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Mondo Oowada | Doritos Ranchos

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[Just as long as no one is getting murdered along the way.]
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Kanji Tatsumi | Purse Owners 4

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Not a master of TL;DR, but here we go!

Friends and teammates through and through, their time in Inaba saving the world will never be forgotten. Of course, their relationship then was strictly friends what with Naoto being less observant when it comes to anything romantic and Kanji being... Kanji to put it lightly.

Coming to Death City and knowing a few people, and then later losing them to BREW and Kishin eggs, Naoto's had to come to cope with various memories and loneliness again. Fortunately, Kanji arrived before the worst happens and came to be a pillar at this moment. She, in return, helped him transition to Death City, the bizarre cases, and Adachi. Things probably would have remained in the stasis of supporting each other, but weird things happen in Death City... or, just Excalibur is a thing that plays pranks. Either way, Kanji finally spit out his feelings, buuut Minato - having already suggested the idea of a crush - had Naoto contemplate about it earlier. Might as well give this relationship thing a shot right.

So far, she hasn't regretted it. No severe arguments to count and nothing dramatic besides close-calls on missions. It's different from what Naoto expected which was only bloody catastrophe given all the relationship examples she's seen around her (Minato's, Takuto's, etc.). She supposes it has something to do with it being their first time and relatively withdrawn from other people. There's benefit of the doubt, but first impressions are still important to Naoto. Murders in small towns also help.

Suffice to say, at this point in time, Naoto loves Kanji. The world is difficult, but there's someone who gets it. She loves him for being himself, letting her cuddle with him on off days and taking the time to indulge her curiosities. Also, putting up with her experiments when he could easily say no such as that one time with the costumes.

Sometimes, she's worried she's not feminine enough for him, or that she's too relaxed since Japan's culture and America's culture differ. She's also concerned about remembering once they return to Inaba, relationship included. He tells her all the time it will be alright, but she stares at her other clothes longer before putting her pants on, fiddles with her hair more in the mirror, and dislikes having to see her scars. It's irrational, she knows, but she's a perfectionist. Kanji's nice enough to let her know she can be comfortable however she wants, but there's no real drive in Death City to wear anything new then.

Perhaps a little more hand holding and some small consoling to try one of her new outfits may help. Maybe one day of playing dress-up together when everything is back to some form of normal, and Poe might not peck him anymore.

And... I think that's pretty much it. Happy in the relationship, but not experiencing all the changes she probably should make.
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Lezard Valeth | Long Cutscenes, Mashing Buttons to Motoi Sakuraba Music

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TL;DR might be hard with this one, but here was go... or try.

Mr. Lezard is weird sometimes alright, but Rose likes him. Sometimes he has his moments, but she hasn't seen anything bad about him. It's kinda weird that she's supposed to be his boss though, but she does her best to keep him from getting out of hand with patients. Bedside manners Mr. Lezard!

Besides work, they don't really hang out a lot. Still, he's nice enough to help her out when she's in trouble. Like when she returned, he helped her find out what she became and even offered to go on a mission with her someday (even if someday might be never because BREW and making her a biological weapon). Right now, he's even helping out - more covering for her as she lurks inside the clinic too scared to go outside. Even after everyone's treated, she'll choose to shy away from public places again (no Death by Pastry for a while).

In a way, Mr. Lezard almost reminds her of her brother only more eccentric. So, he can be big brother two and she secretly makes him lunch when he forgets to. Only, there won't be any lunch for a while because she doesn't trust herself.

Yup, not exactly TL;DR, buuut there we go. Rose's thoughts on Mr. Lezard.
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Allen Walker | D.Gray-man

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[ Pretending for a moment I might actually still exist as at least a lump of fail. ]
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Lily Ivory | The Witchcraft Mysteries

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Morgan LeFlay | Tales of Monkey Island

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