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The TMI Meme (SC version!)

The Too Much Information Meme
(The Soul Campaign Version)

Obviously, no one is going to know about every single canon ever and wikis aren't always much help. So let's learn a bit more about each other's characters! This meme is 100% work safe!

How to:
1: Copy the text in the text area below
2: Paste it into a comment
3: Fill it out either OOCly or ICly and post it!
4: Comment OOCly or ICly to what other people post!

MEME: [personal profile] precto
IMGAGE: halvoric @ Tumblr
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Name/Canon: Kanji Tatsumi/Persona 4

Age/Birthdate: 16/January 19th

Bodily markings: Multiple piercings in his ears, and a stud in his nose. Large scar above the left brow, skull and crossbones tattoo on left bicep, and during his time here in Death City he's gained more scars from combat: He's got a slash against one side from a kishin egg claw, and a pair against his back and shoulder from being mauled. haha...

Build: He's pretty solidly-built, a well-defined upper body, but a rather sleek, athletic bottom half. All the ass-kicking back home's been paying off!

Residence: He lives in Tartarus Terraces 3-A with his partner, Naoto. Joining them are Naoto's crow, Poe, Kanji's gray cat Iza, and their rottweiler puppy Watson.

Occupation: Kanji bakes at Death by Pastry and is an on-call tailor for Yesterday's Magic.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Kanji prowls around a lot at night, so if you're a night owl, chances are you'll find him, usually bearing small, suspicious bruises on his knuckles. Gotta keep crushin' them street punks. Other than that, he's usually out to grab a burger or a bowl of noodles, or sneaking into the craft store in the mall to pick up supplies.

Other daily habits: Light gel to keep his hair back the way he likes it, and if he's gotta touch up on his bleach job he'll do up the roots. He's not a natural blond.

Hair: Short, bleached blond. Only one person in the entiiire world knows his real hair color.

Clothes: Canon wardrobe usually. But lately he's changing up his outfits a lot, adding lighter colors and rolling with thinner materials to help keep from sweating his butt off in the desert heat. He'll keep his spiked wristbands, piercings and the like in, but some days he'll wear purple, yellow, or even white. But his rule is to always dress one's best no matter where you go, and he's pretty dang stylish.

Scent: Light dabs of whatever interesting cologne he found, leather from his jackets, and linens.

Other notable physical details: slouchy and gawky. The kid's got HORRENDOUS table manners, elbows all over the table and such. But nobody really points it out other than his partner, and he tends to sit up straight immediately.

How would your character describe his/herself?: "I'unno, kinda tall n' burly."

Canon powers: Summoning his Persona, Takeji Zaiten! Enables lightning magic and strong physical and sword attacks. Only usable in the TV world, so even if BREW didn't take away his powers he'd still kinda be in the same spot as he is now.

Spoken language(s): Japanese. His English is kinda terrible. Thanks, BREW!

Voice: Kanji's voiced by Troy Baker! Here's a sample.

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Soul Descent! He sends out shockwaves that topples enemies.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Someone calm and cool who can keep the fiery aggression in check, so he's got a solid partnership in Naoto.

What is your character's ideal partner?: At first he thought he was best suited with a fist weapon of some sort, but he learned that if he puts his mind to it, he can wield whatever the hell he wants!

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: u-uhm... well, about that...

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Wherever the whims take 'em! ...Also, going around the world to see who makes the best hot chocolate. No, seriously. He gets hot chocolate after nearly every mission. So far he likes stuff at German cafes. mmmmmm
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Name/Canon: Lezard Valeth/Valkyrie Profile

Age/Birthdate: 24/No established birthday, but I peg him as an October baby.

Bodily markings: He's missing the fingerprints on three fingers on his left hand from working with hazardous materials in his alchemy. He also has a scar on the palm from pricking himself for blood offerings in some magic.

And, well, recently, he's gotten himself a wound in the stomach. That'll leave a mark.

Build: Average. He's just a sorcerer, after all, so there isn't anything special about his physique.

Residence: Casualty Communal. Right next door to his partner.

Occupation: He's one of the doctors in the clinic, but dabbles in concocting medicines for the pharmacy.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Typically in his room poring through a thick book, if not pestering the poor woman next door.

Other daily habits: He brews and experiments with alchemical properties in this world to see how different everything is from back home. Other than that, he spoils the hell out of his two pet rats Nicolas and Hermes.

Hair: Short, light brown, kept as is. He doesn't style it. It just kinda falls that way.

Clothes: Fancy, and yet so far behind in the times. He does dress like he's ready to go out to a really fancy LARP, but he's very slowly updating his wardrobe to something closer to 2010. Baby steps, considering Lily tends to sell vintage.

Scent: Ink, book paper, and a little bit of smoke. He's had his fair share of alchemy accidents.

How would your character describe his/herself?: Elaborately and at length. Never ask Lezard to talk about himself. You'll be stuck for a while. That ego...

Canon powers: Lezard is the most powerful sorcerer from his home world, to the point where the gods painted him as a threat. He is a necromancer and alchemist as well, so his tower was always filled with burning, glowing runes, undead monsters, ghouls and other lovely things that keep away door-to-door salesmen.

Spoken language(s): Because Valkyrie Profile is very loosely based in norse myth, I presume Old Norse is his native language and it slips now and again, but he is a quick study on other languages. In Death City he knows Old Norse, Spanish, French and a fair amount of German.

Voice: Lezard's had two voice actors: One for the original VP by the late Maddie Blaustein (yes, that's Pokemon's Meowth)- Right here. And yes, the vocals are really this poorly mixed with the music (music's too loud, voices too quiet). This game came out when RPGs were still pretty damn unpolished in a technical sense.

But in the (kinda cringe-worthy) sequel, he's voiced by Liam O'Brien- Eyup.

My personal favorite is Liam O'Brien's portrayal, as much as Prof makes faces at me for saying so. We can agree to disagree.

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Lezard is the Demon Spellbook! His ability is Soul Read, where he takes a look at the Meister's Soul and in turn determines its 'nature', and within him it unlocks a certain element for the Meister to use. Once he reads the soul he doesn't have to do it again, and the Meister can only use that particular element. With his partner his fire magic is enabled.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Really, anybody who can put up with him. He's shifty as all get out and can sort of 'cater' his personality accordingly. He's a snake like that.

What is your character's ideal partner?: The very best reluctant witch...

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof?: Oh my, yes~

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Really, he'd like to speak with his partner in moments where they aren't about to die. More downtime chats are desired.
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Name/Canon: Sephiroth | FFVII:ACC

Age/Birthdate: physically 25/26, but he's technically 32. Sephiroth doesn't know his birthday.

Bodily markings: He doesn't have any piercings, tattoos, or scars. He does have a single wing that emerges out of his right shoulder. It's jet black and expands twice the length of his body when fully extended.

Build: Sephiroth's 6'1" in height. His build is muscly, and he weighs approximately 175lbs.

Residence: Casual communal, Floor 10 - OP. He lives there with Cloud, his partner, and their pet cat: Jenova.

Occupation: Sephiroth doesn't work. He's a Deathscythe, but he isn't aligned with Shibusen or any other agency within the city. He's a rouge agent, so to speak, who grudgingly does the work Shibusen asks of them because of Cloud's desire to.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Sephiroth loiters on rooftops, around the mirror, and generally out on missions. He can sometimes be found in the supermarket when Cloud takes him food shopping, but beyond that he doesn't really go anywhere else.

Other daily habits: He generally hangs out on various rooftops pondering life during the day. When Cloud has to work late, Sephiroth can sometimes be found out on the training field at night when there's no one else there.

Hair: Silver, straight, and very long.

Clothes: He maintains his canon outfit. What's Sephiroth without his sexy leather?

Scent: The only scent that he has involves his shampoo and conditioner. He surprisingly uses almost feminine scented types that include a mixture of scents such as rose and vanilla. The way that it's described is that as the wind blows those around him would catch a different aroma each time.

Other notable physical details: His eyes glow a bright green. Sephiroth's pupils are also stilted like that of a cat.

How would your character describe his/herself?: That depends on who he's meeting. To those he considers neutral, he's antisocial, quiet, and prefers to be left alone. To those he likes to be an asshole to, he would describe himself as just that: an uncaring, selfish, cold-hearted asshole.

Canon powers: Sephiroth's abilities. It was much easier to just link them LOL

Spoken language(s): Gaian/English.

Voice: Voice

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Deathscythe demon Masamune - basically a seven-foot+ katana.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Blonde spiky haired... glowing blue eyes... oh personality lol dorky? That's a personality right.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Someone who he respects enough skills wise to wield him in battle. That only falls down to the sole individual who's beaten him in battle.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: ...I doubt that their relationship can get any closer than it already is. They're basically joined at the hip.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Whenever Cloud's not working, Sephiroth is spending time with his partner. Even when Cloud is working, he's constantly keep an 'eye' on Cloud and watching out for him.
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Name/Canon: Fujino Asagami/Kara no Kyoukai

Age/Birthdate: what's having a canon age 17/May 20

Bodily markings: No piercings, tattoos, and scars. However, she does have a black-and-blue bruise a little below the neck.

Build: She's petite, slim, and pretty curvy all around.

Residence: At Casualty Communal, and she just lives by herself.

Occupation: Working as a maid at the Deadly Pretty Maid Cafe!

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: At the library, in the park hanging around the garden-- basically any place that's quiet! She can be usually found reading educational things just to have a bit of a safety net once the war is over. Sometimes she reads shoujo manga too for the happy endings...

Other daily habits: Fujino goes to church every Sunday, though it's not because she's religious. She's just used having to go to mass back at her school in her world, and she's not breaking the habit anytime.

Hair: Long, purple hair with the end stopping right around her waist.

Clothes: Aside from her canon outfit, she also has...more school clothes. The sailor style outfit, the sweater and blouse combo...not much of a fashionista. But she's trying to branch out more, so there's also a few colorful assortments of t-shirts, blouses, and skirts. She also has a couple of pretty sundresses as well.

Scent: She doesn't wear perfume, but she keeps a vase of wisteria at her place, so the scent lingers on her.

Other notable physical details: do her boobs count I MEAN-- Canonly described as a beautiful and rich-looking lady, yeah.

How would your character describe his/herself?: Fujino doesn't and wouldn't say much about herself (for a heck of a lot of reasons), so if anything, she'd say she's nothing amazing and that she's just normal.

Canon powers: She has the Mystic Eyes of Distortion, which is of course activated by her eyes, and allows her to be able to twist anything in her line of sight. It only works on physical things though, so magic, ghosts, and anything else aren't affected by it.

(TW for gore)It's also definitely not a pretty sight.

Spoken language(s): Japanese, and pretty fluent in English too.

Voice: She's voiced by Mamiko Noto, and a sample of her voice is here!

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Fujino is a zweihander that's kind of a double-edge package in that she is usually light and has above average strength for cutting through; if her meister scares her or gives her enough reason to distrust them, then both her strength and her weight go down, but it allows them to use the Mystic Eyes of Distortion, and whether they land a hit or take a swing and miss, it will still be able to their opponent and twist whatever spot they were aiming for. It's only at half-power here though, so it takes a little longer then the usual amount of time.

As a bonus, it grants them colorful, glowing eyes when they tap into that power.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with?: Someone who's kind and understanding, yet also is not a coddler.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Someone who fits all of the above. Or just most of them, that's close enough too.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Not really? But she's slowly starting to see Raiden as a bit of a father figure.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Nothing really. They give each other space, and that's enough for them.
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Name/Canon: Dr. Rebecca Holiday/Generator Rex

Age/Birthdate: 28/I've been headcanoning July-ish for the time being

Bodily markings: Possibly a few scars on her back from EVOs, but nothing that can't heal with time.

Build: Holiday is a small-ish woman. Built but not insanely so, she's a doctor first and foremost, after all. She just trains from time to time. Still, she's drop dead gorgeous and is agile, fast, and strong enough to kick some ass.

Residence: She lives with Six and Biowulf in Murder Manor

Occupation: She's a doctor that works at the guest run clinic.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Holiday's usually training on the morning training grounds, out to get coffee at a shop somewhere, grocery shopping or something else that relates back to home needs, tracking the mission board in Shibusen, a few other random things. She likes coffee shops.

Other daily habits: Coffee is a huge thing for Holiday. She also goes for a nice long run early (MEGA EARLY) in the mornings before training/her shift at work.

Hair: Long (about to the small of her back), dark brown hair. She usually keeps this up in a nice little bun.

Clothes: Her canon wardrobe includes a skirt, knee high boots, and a long sleeve orange shirt. Later on, she wears ballistic gear that carries a orange/brown color with black. She likes orange, course, and she likes to be a little eccentric to stand out from the crowd, but not too too much. She doesn't like a lot of attention.

Scent: She'll wear some richy rich perfume for important meetings and things, but she usually just goes with shampoo and deodorant. Headcanon says she smells like lilacs.

Other notable physical details: Really beautiful. She is, ngl, I'm sorry.

How would your character describe his/herself?: Oh God. It would legit be a résumé of her educational background and work experience, because that's what she's most proud of and devoted her life to. She wouldn't be able to think of hobbies aside from reading. Personality, she would say that she tries to be nice to people.

Canon powers: None and she's thankful for that, sort of.

Spoken language(s): English is her primary language, but considering how well educated she is (3 Doctorates, dude), I imagine she speaks a few languages. French, Spanish, Italian- fluent. German, Russian- sorta kinda. Everything else that I'm not thinking of right now is a mix between reading/understanding/kinda half ass speaking.

Voice: Grey Delisle, everyone. Check her voice out here in this nifty clip from the show. Rex is stuck in a pocket dimension and Holiday's trying to get him out. Skip to :45

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Demon Chakram! And her ability is a healing factor for her Meister.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Someone strong, cares about others, willing to do the right thing and able to get the job done.

What is your character's ideal partner?: A Meister that's quick. They need speed and agility in order to use her properly, so they have to be well trained in this area in particular. Good aim doesn't hurt.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Her current partner? She wants to get WAY more closer to him than they are currently, considering she's harboring affections for him. In general, though, she would want a strong and close bond with any partner.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: All the joys that come with living together... Those are a lot of joys. She also thinks it's a good idea to train together, but her and Six don't always meet with their schedules on this.
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Name/Canon: Naoto Shirogane/Persona 4

Age/Birthdate: 17/April 27th, 1995

Bodily markings: Besides ear piercings (usually hidden by her hair), none... before Soul Campaign. Now, she has scars on her stomach, her wrist, and hip.

Build: She's very short at only five foot even, but curved enough in feminine terms - something which bothered her for a very long time. Fortunately, she's agile, but unfortunately, she isn't that strong upper body wise. Power is in her legs though and she's capable of knocking down enemies with a solid kick.

Residence: Currently, she resides at Tartarus Terrance 3-A with her Meister, Kanji. Along for the ride would be her pet crow Poe, Kanji's cat Iza, and their Rottweiler puppy Watson.

Occupation: Naoto works as an Agent at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency. Besides there, she commonly volunteers at welcoming new arrivals and is a Shooting Instructor at Morning Training.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: You can find Naoto often at the Agency, Shibusen, or at the Park. If she doesn't have anything to do, she would rather stay in. Sometimes, she may be found out in the evening looking for Kanji when he doesn't return by a certain time.

Other daily habits: Naoto enjoys having a bit of tea from time to time, reading in private, building or taking apart small gadgets, and training with Poe and/or teaching Watson now.

Hair: Blue, short, and almost wild. Some of it frames her face while most of it sticks out in the back. Of course, it's been getting long and she's been getting it trimmed. She... wants to try growing it out.

Clothes: Her clothing preference includes dress pants, clean dress shirts, ties, bow ties, and her cabbie cap. During winter she'll add a nice jacket on top. Most of the time, her wardrobe doesn't leave darker shades. However, in Death City, she's begun to look into expanding. Some nice shirts in a more feminine cut, experimenting with layering, buying bras and getting out of the wrappings. She managed to wear a kimono and dress. Also, she doesn't remove her ring from Kanji if she can help it.

Scent: A hint of cologne with mint and citrus. Lately, mostly the mint and citrus with whatever scents cling to her from the Agency.

Other notable physical details: Walks straight and keeps her head up. She's short, but intimidating.

How would your character describe his/herself?: "I still have much to learn."

Canon powers: Naoto is a Persona-User, summoning Yamato-Sumeragi. Using physical, magical, and support skills, Naoto's a one-man army taking out Shadows. However, this is limited to the Midnight Channel. Still, she's skilled in self-defense and with a gun because of her occupation.

Spoken language(s): Japanese, though fluent in English. Has learned German, Russian, and various other tidbits of languages to get by on Missions.

Voice: Naoto's voice actor varies. It's either Nicole Karrer or Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (though I prefer the latter because of the whole 'playing boy' thing, but the former is better for after the reveal).

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Demon Gunblade "Kusanagi". She improves her Meister's aim by locating weak points and mapping out the terrain.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: She already has a partner. Though, as long as she knows them and gets along with them reasonably well she should be fine with them.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Someone familiar with a gun or blade. Of course, she's still taken and almost at Death Scythe level because of them.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: A-Ah... well... with Minato, they were 'siblings', but Kanji...

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: 'Hanging out' yes... and practicing. Naoto makes sure her partner's aim stays up to par. Enjoying a quiet evening with them... Taking in the sights.
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Name/Canon: Rosalia Rossellini/Trauma Team

Age/Birthdate: 17/No real birthdate, buuut since her name is already a throw back to Rosalia Lombardo, we say her birthday is December 6th, 2000.

Bodily markings: Since she comes after a... certain point, she actually has scarred over wounds in her leg (entry and exit) as well as her right hand (entry/exit) and chest.

Build: Rosalia stands at 5'4" and has a wispy sort of build. She doesn't have much in terms of muscle, but does try her best.

Residence: She lives in Casualty Communal, 8-D. She doesn't have pets, but she has a lot of plants.

Occupation: Right now, she's the manager/nurse/doctor at the Horrorspital. She tries leaving the doctoring to the real doctors and takes over cleaning and cooking. Besides that, she helps new arrivals and teaches First Aid classes at Morning Training.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Rosalia can most often be found working. When she has free time, she gets a sweet and goes to the bookstore or park. Sometimes she looks at clothes, but she doesn't think she matches with most of them. If your character sees her, she holds a parasol to block the sun.

Other daily habits: Tending to her plants and making sure people remember to eat.

Hair: Long, wavy, and white. She has two long strands framing her face and wrapped up by two pink ribbons.

Clothes: With the freedom to buy what she wants, Rosalia... buys dresses close to her kind, but in different colors.

Scent: Flowers! That's mostly what she grows after all.

Other notable physical details: She's albino so white hair, pink eyes, pale skin sensitive to sweltering heat.

How would your character describe his/herself?: "I want to help everyone."

Canon powers: It's not a canon power, but Rosalia does harbor a violent disease. It's fictionally in the family with Ebola and it's capable of killing within several days. Of course, that's just to other people. For Rosalia, it protects her from illnesses; she doesn't know what it's like to be sick even with a cold. It's still present in Soul Campaign, but not active outside of her Weapon form.

Spoken language(s): English and Spanish.

Voice: For her short screen time, this is her voice. Who it is, I'm not sure (though, I wanna say Laura Bailey?).

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Demon Ribbon "Rosalia". Her ability infects Kishin eggs with her virus. Currently, the more strikes means the faster the disease propagates and kills. It's a bloody show as it does. There's a flower-bruise that marks where she strikes and those cells immediately dying. More will appear with each hit/over time.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Her nativity makes her willing to get along with just about anyone.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Someone who will care for her and not abuse her ability and use it to save people.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: As a big brother or sister! Being an orphan who was adopted, she often makes anyone 'family' like Uncle Hades and secret brother Sai (she's very bad at knowing who's bad).

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Uh, no stable partner so can't say much...
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Name/Canon: Amaterasu/Okami

Age/Birthdate: Both unknown

Bodily markings: Red markings over her head and on her shoulders. They also frame her eyes. She has wing-like tufts on her shoulders and on each paw. Finally, her tail is swirled and tipped black.

Build: Large for a wolf and well-built. Still, she's quick for that size, able to outrun a horse with extra stamina to boot.

Residence: Moving into Limbo Lodge 1-A with Ghoulia Yelps.

Occupation: She's the Horrorspital's emergency rescue animal and therapy. Also, she's a Sparring Coach for the Advanced group at Morning Training.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: She's everywhere, but mainly at the park if not work. She just prefers the natural setting, but she may wander into food shops for a bite.

Other daily habits: Eating and sleeping. Both are common ways for her to replenish her health/stamina and reviving herself.

Hair: White fur. It doesn't really change for the heat.

Clothes: Pft haha... clothes?

Scent: Sakura blossoms... and bleach from the clinic.

Other notable physical details: She carries things in her fur. Bottles, her communicator... sometimes birds.

How would your character describe his/herself?: "Wruf!"

Canon powers: Amaterasu is a Sun Goddess so the sky ended up being no limit. However, in Okami, we focus on the Celestial Brush, a divine ability able to manipulate the world without too much notice. Restoring broken thing, stars, cutting diamond, making cherry bombs, climbing walls, growing plants, making lilypads, making it rain, summoning fire/wind/lightning/ice, etc.

Spoken language(s): She doesn't speak in canon outside of barking. So... animal? She seems to be understood sometimes so... maybe something considered dead in modern times.

Voice: No voice

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Calming Wavelength

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Most kinds. They just have to be willing to cooperate. However, she will side-eye people with bad hearts, giving them a chance until they step out of line.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Something like a sword, shield, or whip. Ghoulia is a chainsaw that she can wield over her back.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: A mutual relationship.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Amaterasu can help Ghoulia get around faster until she gets a ride. So, whenever Ghoulia asks for help around is when they hand. Otherwise, there's an enjoyment of hanging around at Morning Training or in the apartment.
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Name/Canon: Hyuuga Neji (Naruto)

Age/Birthdate: 17 (18 in game)/ July 3rd (soon!)

Bodily markings: His seal, colored a deep red after his MMM'ing, always hidden under his headband or a cloth wrap unless sleeping or bathing. For scars, he has half a dozen small ones, but most notably two helix-shaped scars twisting over his left shoulder and mirrored on his back, and another at his right hip, again mirrored on his lower back.

Build: 5'7", lean with a subtle muscular stature.

Residence: Fatality Condominiums, apartment 3C. Lee lives with him.

Occupation: Commander of the Watch

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: He can easily be found in his office doing work, or at the training field each morning.

Other daily habits: Neji's routine is simple. Wake up, shower and dress, run through katas, meditate, drink some tea then eat to start the day. He'll show up at training (and will be giving it over to Lee to set up once Lee's arm is healed) and helps his unofficial students, answers newb questions, then settles at the Watch area for the rest of training. After that, he'll run any errands he needs to before he settles in to work, and casts his eyes over the city many times through the day. Goes home to eat and sleep and repeat.

Hair: Dark brown, very long (past his tailbone). He wears it straight, keeping it all under control with a small hair tie at the ends.

Clothes: Neji doesn't really branch off his canon wear much. He'll wear the same color scheme more or less- that is to say monochrome with some creams and he may occasionally delve into deeper, earth-colored tones. Never anything bright.

Scent: He uses coconut-scented hair products and drinks lavender tea quite often, so those scents could be associated with him.

Other notable physical details: White eyes that gain a collection of veins around them when he utilizes Clairvoyance. This is the aesthetic of the canon ability it replaces, his Byakugan. See icon ;o

How would your character describe his/herself?: Er, patient, objective and firm.

Canon powers: The Byakugan is a more powerful version of Clairvoyance, and Soul Menace closely resembles his canon fighting style that allowed him to utilize chakra to systematically shut down an opponent or damage their internal organs. His other notable ability is kaiten, a rotation technique that allows him to deflect incoming attacks.

Spoken language(s): Japanese, English, slowly picking up Spanish.

Voice: here you go :>

Meister ability: Clairvoyance - Neji is able to know his immediate terrain and create a mental map, and sense the souls within the vicinity. This ability has a one-kilometer radius. Through training under Azusa and lots of practice, Neji also has the capability to establish long-distance resonance with any Weapon soul in his radius.

He's also learning Soul Menace.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Neji's soul is rather flexible, given his inherent stability and calm, as well as extensive resonance practice. However, he resonates best with driven souls that awaken the fire hidden in his own.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Neji's ideal partner is one that allows him to harm Kishin Eggs through hand to hand combat in some fashion. Claws, or another special ability. Barring that, martial, two-handed weapons are best.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Neji likes to remain objective and impartial, so he'd prefer more emotional distance, but with Lee, that's already impossible. Not to mention, things are getting even more confusing~

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Training of course, and Neji relies on Lee for a lot of things Watch-wise. Maybe other things.
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Name/Canon: Valentine/Skullgirls

Age/Birthdate: 27/December 24th

Bodily markings: The left side of her lip has a scar stopping short of her chin (this is covered by her mask) and her right eye has scarred over into a cross. Yes, the eyepatch/bandage isn't just decoration; she only has one eye.

Build: Standing at six feet, Valentine is very curvy and not afraid to flaunt it. While she doesn't appear built, she's strong both upper and lower body while being stealthy. Literally, she can lug massive bodies that have long since hit rigor mortis.

Residence: She's moved into Reaper Residence 3-E. It's in her patrolling district.

Occupation: Patrolman/Medic for the Watch. She works the evening shift from 6 PM to Midnight, but is on-call if an emergency comes up.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Free time... that's a bother. Reading mostly, drinking sometimes, shopping rarely...

Other daily habits: She practices her skills on dummies. All of them... Still, hard to take one apart and stitch it back together. She wishes she had a live subject.

Hair: Her blue hair is pretty long, but often kept up in a ponytail. When let down, it drops past her shoulders, stopping about mid-back.

Clothes: While she prefers her uniform, she likes tight clothes that she can stash weapons in and move quickly if necessary. Also, while they need to be tight, they need to be able to support her chest. No, she doesn't wear a bra. Honest!

Scent: Latex from her gloves and faintly dried blood. While the latex smell remains, it's probably a mix of smells from playing with chemicals.

Other notable physical details: Breasts. 36E... really, she dislikes the back pain that comes with it. Also, her single eye. She has a cross-shaped pupil while the iris seems to be stamped by a half-skull.

How would your character describe his/herself?: A preference to work over leisure.

Canon powers: Valentine actually begins human. Very well trained to be stealthy in order to collect information or kill and aims for vital regions. Speed to make up for some lack in strength; also, the idea of permanent damage one has to live with over recoverable. Her actual power obtained after her line is that of the Skull Heart. It leaves her immortal and able to revive until she reaches a limit. Also, eventually, she'll lose to its influence and attempt to destroy the kingdom she actually seeks to protect from three goddesses bent on causing chaos and turmoil.

Spoken language(s): Multiple. English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean... she favors Eastern dialects because she finds the culture fascinating. At least, where she's from. Probably a few others, too.

Voice: Laura Post

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Soulmyeyeisuphere boobs

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: So long as it isn't a goodie-two shoes who will stop a mission from being completed just because it gets dirty, she doesn't care.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Considering her arsenal is varied, she doesn't have much against any Weapon type. However, she would prefer not to use a gun. She likes dealing with her opponents up close and personal to see how they function.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Business partners only.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: In the case of Shindou, willing to be his medic when he comes back from a mission injured. Of course, he's currently a temporary go-to Weapon for her so it's in her interest to keep an eye on his condition.
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Name/Canon: Yuugi/Yu-Gi-Oh!

Age/Birthdate: 17, now that his birthday (June 4th) has passed in-game.

Bodily markings: Nothing really!

Build: Five-foot-nothing and he officially weighs ninety-five pounds because anime and manga characters are all scrawny.

Residence: He currently lives with Takuto and Sugata in Death City Heights. Takuto has a dog and Yuugi has two goldfish!

Occupation: He works as a clerk at Lily's shop, Yesterday's Magic, and is learning more than he expected about ladies' vintage underthings.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Work, morning training, DeathDonalds (he has a hamburger habit), and GAMESGAMESGAMES, any place he can find games, so the arcade and game shops.

Other daily habits: Nothing much, just being a teenager. He strikes a nice balance between goofing off and being responsible.

Hair: Genetically and three-dimensionally impossible, he's got spiky yellow bangs and the rest of his hair is black with red tips and more-or-less star shaped.

Clothes: He wears a lot of black, usually accenting with grey or red, and for some reason his idea of "dressing up" kind of resembles fetish wear--leather, a neck collar and wrist cuffs, chains, too many belts, lots of bracelets and other accessories.......... Um. It actually has nothing to do with kink; it's just the style he thinks looks cool, orz. Dressing down for him is jeans and a hoodie, plus just a couple of the usual accessories. He likes star accents on his clothes says me, in canon they only show up on his pajamas. >.>

The one thing that never changes about his appearance is the ancient Egyptian bling gold upside-down pyramid-shaped pendant he wears on a heavy chain around his neck.

Scent: Probably the most noticeable would be the leather he wears.

Other notable physical details: Nothing really, except that he is pretty expressive.

How would your character describe his/herself?: Mostly, he wouldn't. :| He is humble to the extreme and is more likely to stick to boring facts ("I'm Yuugi, and I'm a high school student!") than try to describe himself based on his own judgments. He might talk about himself in future tense, though ("I'm going to be stronger one day", etc), because his future self is a person he wants to be proud of.

Canon powers: The power of being compassionate! ... No, I'm-- I'm being serious.

Spoken language(s): Japanese, and before BREW he could speak as much English as appears in his favorite trading card game.

Voice: Kazama Shunsuke /contented sigh. Skip to about 2:30 in this video to get a nice little thirty-second monologue from him.

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Yuugi's weapon form is a longsword, and his ability is to boost his meister's morale and focus when they are resonating.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Yuugi can resonate with a lot of different personality types; it's kind of his thing that he gets along well with just about anyone. The only kind of person he can't resonate well with would be Yami Bakura someone he doesn't trust, and the only way he loses trust in someone is if they were openly hostile towards him or, more importantly, other people. The type of person he resonates best with would be someone he admires, who carries his same level of determination and is willing to rely on him and not treat him like a tool.

What is your character's ideal partner?: "Who", and the person is Atem. In his own world, Yuugi is currently trying to help Atem's future self regain his memories of the past and eventually move on to the afterlife, seeing as he is, well. Dead. At the time. Yuugi is whole-heartedly devoted to being Atem's partner as well, though in his time at SC his motivations for being so have shifted to more of a focus on Atem himself and less of a focus on Yuugi's association between Atem and the future version of Atem he knows in his own world.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. Yuugi is still in the process of figuring out his feelings for Atem, because they are numerous and of great, greeeat depth, and for a long time the only feelings he has really allowed himself are those of being a supportive partner to him, but it's pretty safe to say that Yuugi loves him and wants very much to be important to him.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: All the activities. ALL OF THEM.
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Name/Canon: Lily Ivory/The Witchcraft Mysteries (a mystery novel series written by Juliet Blackwell)

Age/Birthdate: 31/birthday unknown although it’s not between early March and early June

Bodily markings: No fingerprints. Lily was born without them.

Build: 5’5” and average weight. Not very strong although her arms are somewhat toned from hauling around heavy bags of clothes and doing lots of laundry by hand at the shop.

Residence: Casualty Communal 9A and she lives alone. Although Lezard spent the night on her sofa a while back after she got him drunk and he fell asleep there… >_>;

Occupation: Owner of Yesterday’s Magic, a vintage clothes store, and gardener at Shibusen City Park

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Lily generally works at the park in the mornings and is at the shop from late morning to early evening if she’s not out looking for new stock or out on the occasional mission. Errands like grocery shopping get done afterwards and then it’s back to the apartment to cook dinner. Sometimes, she’ll slip back out to the park at night if she needs herbs for something.

Other daily habits: Lily likes to have coffee in the mornings although she doesn’t go out for it often here having more limited finances than back home. She makes a pot of it in her kitchen most days instead. And she burns any loose hairs and nail clippings as her grandmother taught her to prevent them from being used in spells against her.

Hair: brown, wavy and a bit past waist length (It’s actually supposed to be long, brown and straight according to the text but since the cover artist always gives her wavy hair, SC Lily has wavy hair!)

Clothes: As in canon, Lily likes to wear vintage dresses when she’s working at Yesterday’s Magic. Her favorite is wide skirted dresses from the late 1950s and early 1960s. And she wears old jeans and t-shirts when doing her gardening job at the park or digging through old clothes in search of new stock for the shop. And a plain white or black dress when she goes on missions since that’s the type of thing she typically wears for spellcasting. She prefers white here to not look so witchy.

Scent: Herbal soap (stuff like lemon verbena), laundry if she’s been washing stuff at the shop

Other notable physical details: reddish purple eyes (This is also thanks to the cover artist not matching the text most of the time which says she has dark eyes. So, SC Lily has winey purple eyes.)

How would your character describe his/herself?: In Lily’s own words from the first book, “I’m of average height and weight, nothing special. Dark hair and eyes. I tan easily, but since I never take time to sunbathe, I tend toward pale. Men don’t drive into lampposts when I walk down the street, but I receive my share of appreciative glances and subtle once-overs.”

Canon powers: Lily is one of the most powerful witches in San Francisco and has a lot of magic although much of it is dependent on having the proper herbs and ingredients to brew or make charms and some of it is rather slow. Powers include: sensing historical vibrations (especially from clothes), reading auras, brewing, healing magic, crafting magical charms, making a homunculus, persuasion, telekinesis, a bit of pyrokinesis, energy blasts capable of knocking people over, creating light, an inability to sink (seems to be a genetic quirk of witches in her world), summoning (in particular, a leopard-headed, griffin-winged demon named Sitri she once bound and exorcised). She has some snake magic and can brew something called the Living Things in You spell which makes the victim think there are snakes inside of them; it’s in the mind though rather than really putting snakes inside a person like Medusa can and there’s an antidote which she also knows how to brew. Sex magic is also a thing in Lily’s canon but since she hasn’t had much practice with relationships, it just causes embarrassing unintended magic like clothes dancing around the shop or rose petals strewn all over her bedroom. ._.;

Spoken language(s): English, some Spanish although it’s not very good, a smattering of Latin and Nahuatl due to spell incantations

Voice: Lily still has an accent from growing up in Texas. And while she doesn’t exactly have a voice actor the way characters in other mediums do, the audiobook versions are read by Xe Sands who does different voices depending on which character is speaking. I’ve only heard samples but not that fond of it since I think she sounds too old for Lily. Also, I kind of imagine Lily sounding exasperated often considering the characters she deals with in-game. XD;

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Soul Fashion Sense. Lily can sense moods, energy, and soul wavelength on clothes when she touches them. Works better the longer she can touch the item and the more often the owner wore it. Kind of like a clothes-based Soul Perception.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Someone that she’s not hiding the witch thing from. Unfortunately, that means Lezard since he’s the only one currently in the city who knows that she’s a witch. She has resonated with a couple of other Weapons and even did missions with them but it was much weaker because she was hiding that part about herself from them.

What is your character's ideal partner?: A spellbook that isn’t annoying and perverted. >_>;

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: She wishes Lezard wouldn’t pester her so much but how likely is that to happen? XD Also, she kind of feels he needs a babysitter to keep him out of trouble so she’s stuck with him whether she likes it or not.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: She’d probably try to help patch him up after that mission. And maybe cook for him a few days afterwards. And be exasperated at him for throwing himself in front of a spear, even if he was trying to protect her.
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Name/Canon: L Lawliet, from Death Note

Age/Birthdate: He's 25 years old, and he'll be 26 on Halloween (October 31, 1979)

Bodily markings: His skin was so pretty when he arrived in Death City. No longer; bad resonance has given him a few puncture scars near his collarbone as a result of his weapon ability backfiring, and he has two deep, ugly, biting diagonal scars, one on each wrist. They are the result of an accident; if you think they look like something else, you are not alone in thinking so, which is why he hasn't worn short sleeves since it happened.

Build: L is around 5'10", but he seems shorter because he slouches something horrible. He is extremely bony, and he looks like he's actually underweight for his build, weighing in at around 110 pounds. He weighs a little more than this when people (read: Bakura) are paying attention and making sure he eats regularly. He dips under it when people are too busy to police his personal habits.

Residence: L's official residence is Fatality Condominiums, Unit 6-B. That being said, he won't be reliably found there. Sometimes he stays in hotels if he has reason to think his apartment isn't safe, or at work, or with Bakura (who recently and conveniently moved into the same building.)

Occupation: L is a Watcher with the Watch. Due to personal conflicts, he may resign soon and branch off on his own.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Lately, not many places. He is recovering from an eye injury that has resulted in vision loss. But ordinarily, he spends most of his free time at work clocking in more hours, or else stalking Light (his favorite extracurricular hobby.) He also hangs with Bakura on occasion and makes haunting appearances at his parties. He spends 4-5 hours a day on the networks just watching interactions, and his sleeping habits are sparse and atrocious. Occasionally he indulges in more harmful habits, like light drug use or sleeping pills, if he feels like caffeine isn't cutting it (or is cutting it too much.)

Other daily habits: There are many; L exhibits some behaviors that are consistent with a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder or a case of OCD. He's a germaphobe. He is a finicky eater and hoards food. He eats, sits, and holds things in specific ways. When the television is on, it is "snow" 85% of the time and a children's show with puppets the other 15% of the time. He often watches the latter on mute, since he doesn't like music (hilariously, he is blessed with perfect pitch and squanders it with relish.) He isn't much for appreciating the arts or culture in general, though theology, philosophy, and psychology interest him. History and science are touch and go, but logic and games (especially chess) have all of his focus. The exception is the type of tabletop RPG that Bakura seems fond of, which L considers a terrible waste of time.

Hair: Black and shaggy. His bangs hang over his eyes and it is frequently in a state of Edward Scissorhands-uncombed. If he took good care of it, it would probably be shiny and smooth; instead, it is matte and thick and would probably break a comb.

Clothes: Initially, L retained his canon wardrobe of a simple long-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of jeans, wearing shoes sans socks only when he was in public and his feet were touching the ground. When B arrived, though, in an effort to put distance between himself and his self-appointed stalker and doppelganger, he started (ironically) dressing more like Light, whom he is stalking. That means, for L, jeans that still hang loosely but are the correct size, blazers, and button-up shirts. He still doesn't do that sock or tie thing, and he still wears his crummy converses, meaning that despite the more pulled-together wardrobe, he still has a vaguely fraying look about him.

Scent: Soap and whatever he has been eating. Often, it's stale smell of coffee. Occasionally, if times have been bad and with it, his germaphobia, there might be the citrus scent of lysol or another harsh cleaner hanging around him.

Other notable physical details: L is a euromutt who is 1/4 Japanese; therefore, he is a "white guy" who has finer features, and especially straight, dark hair, but most people would not look at him and think "Asian" (making his fake name, Rue Ryuzaki, surprising to most people.) His eyes are large and kind of buggy, and there are pretty dark bags under them, giving him a chronically exhausted or ill appearance.

How would your character describe his/herself?: "Overtly physically unimposing, which works to my advantage. Covertly mentally imposing which, likewise, works to my advantage."

Canon powers: None, save for what could be described as an almost supernatural talent for deduction.

Spoken language(s): L is fluent in most of the world's major languages; Russian, French, Spanish, Mandarin, English, and Arabic are his strongest. He is decent at others, like Japanese, German, and Hindi, though he speaks these with an accent and there is a wooden, "textbook language class" impression that is given when he speaks them. . He maintains that his grasp on most African and Native American languages is deplorable, and hires translators in the cases where he needs to interact with speakers of these tongues.

Voice: Alessandro Juliani's smooth and lovely and slightly tetchy baritone

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: L is a pair of demon handcuffs. The chain shortens or lengthens according to necessity, and with good resonance, one cuff turns into a bear trap and savage the target. More advanced attacks involve a distracting chiming of bells and a crushing, constricting grip of the chain on an enemy. Poor resonance, however, leads to the injury of both the weapon and meister.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: L's needs are specific: a nurturer, like Watari, or a rival he marks his equal, like Light. The former would be a weaker but healthier union; the latter is a more effective but mutually damaging partnership

What is your character's ideal partner?: A meister who poses as much of a challenge as the Kishin eggs and Witches they are fighting. Maybe more.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Something that stays businesslike on the surface and crosses the line at times, effectively teasing his perception and forcing him to redefine what is acceptable. It is frustrating and even maddening, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't love it complicated.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: If he can work an argument for being connected to partnership in there, he will absolutely do it. If it crosses lines and pushes boundaries? Even better.
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Name/Canon: Rock Lee / Naruto

Age/Birthdate: 17! November 27th

Bodily markings: Lee is covered with scars, though most of them are shallow. There is a pretty intense latticework of scars down his left arm and leg, which basically were pulverized by Gaara's sand when they fought when Lee was 13. Luckily, most of his scars are covered, either by his bandages woven around his arms or his spandex suit. If you happen to be around when his hands are uncovered, you can see that his hands also sport quite a lot of bruises, as he's constantly beating them against hard surfaces during his training.

Build: Lee stands at 172cm (or about 5'7"), and he weighs 54.7kg (or about 120.5lbs. Looking at Lee, one can see that he is well-muscled but not necessarily beefy. He wiry at best. He must work out every single day to keep his figure bulked up, or else he turns into a beanpole.

Residence: Fatality Condominiums, 3B. He lives with Neji.

Occupation: In canon, Lee is a chuunin (mid-level) shinobi warrior who takes commissions doled out to all the ninja in his village. In Death City, Lee is Neji's Weapon, so he is sort of a lot of things. I guess he's officially employed as a patrolman, but he also is an adviser to Neji and picks up a lot of the slack in times when staff is low. Lee also has a job as a bouncer at the Bare-it-all Strip Club, though he primarily only works their busiest nights (i.e. weekends).

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: If Lee isn't on patrol or bouncing, Lee can be found at Morning Training in the morning, running errands for Neji (and by extension, the Watch), and doing his own training in his spare time. He often takes long runs around the city or practices his kata in the park. This boy is in desperate need of a gym membership...

Other daily habits: Lee's habits are to get up, train, eat, train, clean the house, train, cook, train.... He does a lot of Training. That is his thing.

Hair: Lee has glossy, black hair that he has cropped into an immaculate bowl-cut. On an equally hairy note, Lee has large, thick eyebrows, and these are perhaps the most intimidating aspect of his face.

Clothes: Lee primarily wears the same as his canon outfit; green spandex body suit and orange leg warmers that he uses to cover his leg weights, along with his blue shinobi sandals. He almost always has his arms and hands covered in athletic tape to protect his skin and hide the worse of his bruises and scars. If he's in one of those rare moods to "slum it" for the day, he'll probably have on a grey sweat shirt and pants and sneakers. On the very, very, VERY few days that he dresses up kinda nice he will likely wear kahki pants and a sweater vest over a button-down shirt (but so far he hasn't had an opportunity/reason to dress this way).

Scent: Since Lee does a lot of running and sweating, he kinda smells... sweaty. But he does shower a lot and makes sure to be clean! If you're close to him, you might even smell the mint of his toothpaste as he brushes his teeth promptly after every meal. Lee also probably smells of spices after he has worked to cook a nice meal.

Other notable physical details: Lee has large, round eyes and thick eyelashes. He still has the same baby face he had years ago when he first graduated from the ninja academy, and his lips fall into a natural pout when his expression is neutral.

How would your character describe his/herself?: The Epitome of Youth and Second Most Manly of All Men! (Second behind Gai-sensei, of course~)

Canon powers: Lee lacks what most characters from his canon have--the ability to use genjutsu and ninjutsu. So, Lee's "powers" are more like augmented martial arts. He uses his fist and feet to fight, and he must rely primarily on his own natural strength and skill in battle. He molds himself and his abilities after his sensei, Maito Gai.

But just because Lee can't use ninjutsu doesn't mean he doesn't have special attacks of his own. He has Lotus abilities, which are pretty much super amped martial arts that do a ton of damage, but also partly affect the user as well. And Lee can utilize the Eight Gates, which are seals in a person's body meant to keep them from harming themselves when they over-exert their bodies. By tapping into these Gates, Lee can break down his natural barriers and do much more damage than someone who is stopped by their body's limitations. However, as before, these come with a price to the user's body. A lot of Lee's attacks can only be used as long as Lee is willing to sacrifice his own health to perform them.

Spoken language(s): Japanese and English~

Voice: Play the audio file here, and Lee's voice will be the first sample that Masukawa illustrates. :3

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Lee is a weapon! He is a pair of nunchaku, and his ability is primarily a power burst. Other than raising speed of the Meister, Lee's hits can become very brutal with sudden surges of his ability. However, Lee's weapon form has some repercussions against the Meister. If his abilities are abused, then some damage will backfire onto the Meister wielding him.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Someone tranquil and grounded. Lee is a pretty boisterous guy and loud and excitable and all about action! Someone a little more relaxed would help to balance him well, and thus creates a better soul resonance with him.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Someone Lee can trust to not abuse his earnest, honest nature.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Lee loves to be close to people and he would really, really, really love to be as close to his meister and physically and emotionally possible! Seriously, being aloof and "cool" is so overrated. It's better when you can snuggle and feel secure in one another and confide without hassle, right?

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Lots of Things. But seriously, Lee would love to train more with his partner (and already is working on that with his current Meister). Lee also likes to cook and hopes that someday he would be able to convince his Meister into trying to cook food alongside him, even if that means the quality of their food goes down.
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Name/Canon: Raidou Kuzunoha/Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

Age/Birthdate: Headcanon says 18/January 18, 1914

Bodily markings: Raidou has some scars from all his battles, particularly on his arms.

Build: 175 cm, which I believe is about 5'9''? He's fairly thin and has slim legs, while his arms and torso are more muscular. Very athletic build, overall.

Residence: He lives at Death City Heights building 7 with his partner Alucard and their cats Kemuri and Carrier.

Occupation: He's an agent at Kuzunoha Detective Agency, and also takes care of the Fatal Frames art gallery left behind by Rei Kurosawa.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Mostly working for the Agency. He tends to prefer footwork over paperwork, so he's usually on the move asking people questions, though he does occasionally clean up and brew coffee at the Agency -- force of a habit from back home. He drops by the gallery on a regular basis to make sure everything is in order, and generally spends what free time he has training (unless someone drags him out to have fun).

Other daily habits: Playing with his cats, meditating, checking the network every now and then.

Hair: Short and black, growing into pointy sideburns. He never takes his hat off except for when he sleeps or showers, so his hair tends to be messy underneath... not that you could ever tell.

Clothes: He almost always wear his hat, black cape, and the school uniform of Yumizuki Imperial High School. The hot weather has forced him to dress down more, but he still tends to stick with black and white. He hasn't really thought to experiment with fashion.

Scent: Raidou spends most of this time on the street or in old-fashioned offices, so there is a faint scent that makes you think of dusty cities and wood polish.

Other notable physical details: He has a very good posture and carries himself in a controlled and reserved manner.

How would your character describe his/herself?: He's not used to really going into length about himself unless prompted with questions. That said, he'd want others to know they can turn to him for assistance.

Canon powers: Raidou is a Devil Summoner, meaning he can form pacts with demons and summon them to help him in battle and during investigations. Not only that, but he's the best of the best, capable of keeping up to 20 demons while having two of them summoned at once, something that requires a combination of power and concentration that's very uncommon among summoners. Since he's not one to let his demon comrades do all the fighting, he's also a skilled swordsman and a good shot with a gun.

Spoken language(s): Japanese. He's learned a little bit of English, but he's not very good at it.

Voice: While his games have no voice acting, Raidou is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Drama CDs and his cameo in the recent remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers (4:50 in this video. Not to be mistaken with his double.) He tends to be soft-spoken when speaking to other people, but takes a more commanding tone in battle and while leading his demons. (He also has an English voice actor (2:33) now thanks to Soul Hackers. I'm not sure what I think of it yet.)

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Soul Summon lets him summon his Weapon partner from any distance.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Raidou is fairly flexible, thanks to working with a wide variety of different demons, but he works best with people who understand the importance of responsibility. It would be difficult if not impossible for him to work with someone who was indifferent or uncaring about helping others.

What is your character's ideal partner?: A blade or a gun, as those are the weapons he's had the most training with.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Well, his relationship with Alucard has become a very close friendship, which he's very happy with... though things may become more complicated in not too far future.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Raidou tends to be a workaholic, but he does make an effort to make time for more casual hanging out. They go out to eat occasionally, or try some modern form of entertainment neither of them is very familiar with, such as movies.
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Name/Canon: Morgan LeFlay/Tales of Monkey Island

Age/Birthdate: None given in canon although I estimate she’s in her early 20s.

Bodily markings: A tattoo of the name Gus on her left upper arm. (It was used for a puzzle in the game but they normally didn’t bother to show it otherwise which is why it’s not seen in any of her icons.)

Build: There’s no canon height given for her but I assume her to be about average for a woman, maybe a bit shorter. And with all the swordfighting and acrobatics, she’s stronger than she looks. She once closed her fist around another character’s finger and broke it for threatening her.

Residence: Casualty Communal 8P and she lives alone.

Occupation: She was a pirate hunter back home and she intends to continue as a bounty hunter here. So, she’ll be doing missions as often as she can as long as she can find partners. Morgan doesn’t actually care about the war but she likes money and she’s pretty impatient to get home since she was after a bounty of 30,000 pieces of silver when BREW grabbed her. (One of her previous jobs paid 10,000 and that was already enough for her to buy a ship.)

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: She hangs out around morning training, looking for potential Weapons to take on missions. When she’s not out on a mission, she’s still exploring Death City and learning where stuff is. But she probably eats out most of the time and goes out drinking, too.

Other daily habits: She wears makeup, mainly lipstick and eyeshadow.

Hair: Short and dark with flippy ends that stick out in a couple of points.

Clothes: She’s sticking to her canon wardrobe for now. Leather choker (it should be burgundy unlike the concept art), fitted dark red vest, striped gray pants, layered gloves, knee high boots, a single gold pauldron (should be on the right instead of the left).

Scent: Hmm… Although she regularly wears makeup, I don’t imagine her wearing any perfume but maybe she’ll eventually look for soap or shampoo that reminds her of the Caribbean. Coconut-scented or something like that.

Other notable physical details: olive green eyes, tanned skin, and a very hourglass figure

How would your character describe his/herself?: From the scene where she introduces herself to Guybrush: “I am Morgan LeFlay, Mighty Pirate Hunter TM! My name is feared across the seven seas! I've taken down some of the most hardened grog-guzzling scumbags from here to Zanzibar.” Yeah, she’s kind of boastful.

Canon powers: She’s great at swordfighting and acrobatics, can hold her breath for 5 minutes, and can talk to monkeys.

Spoken language(s): English and a little Monkey. Although she’s not likely to find any monkeys to talk to around Death City. XD

Voice: Morgan’s voice actor is Nikki Rapp.

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: Soul Excitement. The more excited she is, the better the resonance.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: Someone who can put up with her? She’s not the nicest person, kind of egotistical, and tends to get annoyed when she can’t do things her way.

What is your character's ideal partner?: A sword, preferably a cutlass like her Blade of Dragotta.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: Aloof. The most important thing to Morgan is her independence so she’s already annoyed at the idea she has to work with someone to even be allowed to take a mission.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: Probably not much unless it was sparring or training type things.
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Name/Canon: Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Age/Birthdate: August 11 (or/and August 19th), 1986 (He's 22 now in-game)

Bodily markings: He has a single pierced left earlobe with a simple stud. He has many scars, but the main one is a 3 inch long thin one on his chest where he was impaled by the Masamune when he was 16. Other scars on his back and arms are general 'battle wounds' as he calls them, though most are a result of the inhuman testing he was subjected to.

Build: He's 5'7" tall or 173cm, and he weighs approximately 170lbs. He's well muscled but compact and can sometimes be described as slightly feminine.

Residence: He lives and protects the Casualty Communal building with his partner, Sephiroth, and their pet cat, Jenova.

Occupation: Cloud works at morning training, is a zone leader for the Watch, and he takes missions for both himself and Shibusen.

Where does your character spend time outside of their home?: Cloud normally running amok somewhere, possibly getting himself into embarrassing trouble. He likes to train in the fields, go shopping in the supermarket and go to the mall to think of new and interesting ways to prank anyone he knows, but usually his partner.

Other daily habits: Might try dressing up here and again. Not always in men's clothing if the suggestion is made or he's dared to.

Hair: Blond, short and obnoxiously spiky to the point of defying gravity.

Clothes: His canon wardrobe has been ruined over the course of his time in the city, but he wears similar clothing such as vests and cargo pants. He prefers dark colours thanks to embarrassingly pale complexion.

Scent: He probably smells like the shampoo and conditioner Sephiroth uses because he's too lazy to get his own and he take so little, he doubts Sephiroth notices. So... roses and vanilla. Maybe soap and pure manliness.

Other notable physical details: His blue eyes glow faintly.

How would your character describe his/herself?: To pretty much anyone, he'd say he's awesome, a hero, and master swordsman. He'd probably add he's pretty great at everything he tries.

Canon powers: He's a jack-of-all-trades and picks up new skills easily. He's actually a master swordsmen, the bigger and more impossible, the better. He wield materia for magic, rides chocobos like a pro, and cross-dresses better than the hot girls he knows.

Spoken language(s): English/whatever Geae speaks

Voice: Steve Burton (English) & Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese)

Weapon form & ability or meister ability: He's a meister with soul apathy, so he is not subject to other wavelengths or their effects.

What type of personality would your character resonate best with: I imagine he can resonate well with most people, though he's chosen partner is gruff, stuffy, possessive, prideful and has a limited sense of humour beyond Cloud.

What is your character's ideal partner?: Silver-haired, stuffy, tends to be an asshole to people... turns into an impossible sword.

Would your character prefer to have a closer relationship with their partner, normal, or more aloof? How much so?: He and Sephiroth are pretty close to each other.

Other than missions, what partner related activities would your character participate in?: He generally hangs around Sephiroth reading books, watching Sephiroth do origami, finding new and interesting ways to embarrass or prank Sephiroth, harassing him about the cat's ownership, trying to force Sephiroth to eat something.
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