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Toil and Trouble...

Witch's Magic Meme

Magic is a funny thing and when Witches use it in the Soul Eater Universe, it can have bad results. Sure, sometimes, it's an accident - point is, today is not your day. Your character has been unfortunate enough to end up affected by Witch's Magic and cursed in some way.

1. Animal - Four feet, two feet... no feet? Doesn't matter. Witch's Magic has turned you into a temporary animal companion... or troublemaker.

2. I Can't - Tell the truth? Tell a lie? Maybe you can't stop making rude gestures. No matter what, you can't stop.

3. With(out) Feeling - Jelly legs, frozen arms, disable wings, the magic makes you unaware of a body part and unable to use it.

4. Drama Queen - The littlest thing makes you incredibly happy, sad, angry, scared, etc... and that's all. There's no in-between. One emotion for the duration of the magic.

5. And I Said - Motormouth curse. Good luck trying to sleep. You and anyone living with/near you.

6. Show-Stopping Number - Sometimes, you just got a lot of music in you and you just want to share it with the world! Those cursed are 'blessed' with uncontrollable urges to sing and even dance... even songs and dances they don't even know.

How to Play:
  • Post your character with name and canon in subject line
  • Roll RNG for your curse
  • Tag other characters
  • ???
  • Profit~!

Thought we could probably use a meme.

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